"Elite Edutainment" - It's Edu-tainment !!

Elite Edutainment, founded by Apel Woo in 2004, has been in operation for more than 7 years. Throughout these years, we have been serving various clientels ranging from kindergartens, schools, tuition centers, small / medium / large organization and even non-profit organization, providing them with quality service and program experience.

Our focus has always been to provide entertainment and travelling experience that educates, that teaches you something. We strongly believe that EDUCATION takes place EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE as long as we make use of every single opportunity; it should not only be limited to space, location or any other form.

In Ancient China, the origin of education was to teach how we could become a better person in life, not merely to increase our knowledge of certain subjects or skills. Travelling and participating in training programs, camps and educational trips enables a person to learn better and gain more wisdom and experience in life rather than just raw knowledge. It permits all human beings to learn appreciate more about life, to become a wiser and better person.

That's why we exist, that's the reason behind our name "EDUTAINMENT" 

EDU- = Education
-TAINMENT = Entertainment