Amazing Grace Farm

Grace Farm (Serendah)
**private area.
**MUST bring insect repellent, there are mosquitoes.
- Arrival – have simple breakfast ( fried meehon or mee with eggs + milo)
- Gather all students – briefing and separate them into small groups
- Activity: feed the cow with grass – individually. Learn about the animals – what they eat, how long they takes grow or live, how to differentiate male and female.
- They are various animals – geese, duck, chicken, 1 ostrich, few rabbits. Children are allow to touch or pet the rabbit and go near to the chicken or duck or geese.
- Gather at the Goat shelter , touch the goat, learn about them, can take turns to milk the goat one by one and even taste the fresh milk. (subject to the goat condition)
- If time allow, will take the children up to the rubber tress area, to learn about rubber tapping. There will be demonstration about rubber tapping. Children can line up to have hands-on experience to tap the rubber tress one by one. (only elder children should do – safety issue)
- To go to the rubber tapping area, children need to walk up to a  slop carefully.
- After activity done, will have lunch at the farm. They are table and chairs for them to eat. Lunch is simple lunch with 3 dishes (2 veges + 1 meat) and some drinks . It is in buffet self service style.
- Teachers are encourage to gather children to line up and take lunch one by one.
- After lunch, go toilet and get ready to leave the farm.

Hotspring (1hour) - ADD ON
- Distance from Grace farm to hotspring is 30mins drive. Located in a kampung area. Not many people will be there unless school holiday or weekend. People who go there is only the local villages.
- The place is clean with proper toilet facilities. Children can change after playing water. Due to time constraint , we don’t’ encourage shower after playing.
- There is a shelter area – quite big with few tables and chairs for people to sit there. The hotsping  itself not very big. There are 2 pools (hotspring water).Water level is just around our knee  or below. No swimming is allow as the pool is small. Only play water.
**Things to take note:  Moss on the ground, with water sometimes, can be a little slippery. No running and jumping.