Bukit Tinggi

Bukit Tinggi is located in Pahang. It consists of 3 main tourist attractions - japanese garden, rabbit farm and french village.

Japanese Garden
- 15-20 mins
- take photos and enjoy the scenery of Japanese-style garden.
- public tram is used to go up to the Japanese Garden.
- Tram can’t in everyone at a time, so maybe need to break into 2 groups or so, depending on capacity and the crowd.
- Wait is expected during peak season and hours.

Rabbit Farm
- A place where you will be able to interact with rabbits.
- Touch, feel or even feed the rabbits. (Kindly prepare own carrots / breads to feed rabbit, alternatively you can buy there at own expense).

French Village
- A village designed according to typical village in France.
- Consists of a main street with restaurants, café and souvenirs shops, and a watch tower.
- Will spend around 30mins -1hour in this village to take photos and enjoy the beautiful scenery and nice weather there.