Aquaria KLCC

From exploring exotic tropical waters to wading through steamy rainforests, Aquaria KLCC takes you on a spellbinding journey of discovery. Experience first-hand a fascinating world teeming with life and learn more about their habitat and way of life.

We begin our journey from the source of water in the highlands to the swelling rivers and ultimately, the deep sea.

Take a step into an ancient rainforest and into the cacophony of our land-dwelling friends that play host to unique creatures above the water. Not to be missed are our creepy crawlies, chitinous & venomous predators who beckon you hypnotically as they sway with the rhythm of the jungle.

The Highlands
The journey of water is a tale that begins in the majestic highlands, a long road that begins as water evaporates & condenses into rain, wending its way back towards the sea through rivers & streams. As water makes its way back to the great ocean, it breathes life into its surroundings, providing both sustenance and shelter to millions of organisms both on the land and in the sea.

According to the theory of evolution, life on earth dates back millions of years and has adapted to change many times over.

To help you get started, our Evolutionary Wall provides a high-level overview on how fossils trapped in bedrock for millennia have given us a glimpse on how marine life has evolved to the creatures that they are today

Touch Pool
To gear you up for an exciting journey with us, we whet your appetite for adventure by daring you to tease our ravenous, flesh-eating piranhas in our Piranha Tank. Legends say that these denizens from the Amazon River are known to strip their victims' flesh to their bones in less than a minute during a feeding frenzy.

For those of you who prefer a more cheerful experience, children can make new friends at the Interactive Pool area. Over here, visitors are encouraged to grab the rare opportunity to observe, touch and feel our exotic exhibits such as the horseshoe crab, spotted starfish and our gentle bamboo shark. Do remember to take a photo before you say goodbye..

The Electric Zone
A short distance away, bear witness to one of nature's more intriguing forms of evolution, where animals defend themselves by discharging electricity. Our amazing exhibits include the Electric Eel, Electric Catfish and the Elephant-Nose Fish. Watch closely as they electrify their way when threatened by danger!

The Stream
Streams originate from precipitation and underground springs beneath the jungle terrain. They flow downhill and gradually swell into rivers which drain into the mighty ocean. Jungle streams, with its sandy floor and flattened rocks, are home to land and aquatic animals such as freshwater Alligator-Snapping Turtles, Giant Water-Rats and the Asian Small-Clawed Otters (courtesy of Zoo Negara) who are eager to entertain and bring laughter.

Jewels of the Jungle
Proliferating under the dense tropical rainforests, the effervescent surroundings beneath a canopy of leaves is home to a diverse community of life-forms that depend on each other in their survival. Plant your feet firmly and step into the jungle, only to gaze in wordless rapture as you approach these unique creatures. Look into the eyes of the tree-bound Coatimundi, freshwater turtles, tarantulas, lizards and poisonous snakes and heed the call and rhythm of the jungle.

Also, don't forget to check out our frog corner & insect section (courtesy of Museum Negara). Take a moment to understand more about our amphibious friends with a short presentation on the lifecycle of frogs, before heading over to discern a riot of shapes and hues depicting exhibits of colourful butterflies, moths and beetles

Flooded Forest
Nature is indeed a spectacle to behold. Every year, during the wet season, heavy rainfall swell up rivers and overflow their banks, leaving the surrounding forest submerged in water for many months.

As you walk down the steps, you will be greeted by an ethereal glow, illuminated by light reflected from thousands of silvered scales swirling within our tube tank. The tube tank ensconces an ancient tree trapped beneath the water to reveal a world filled with fervor and intent.

In the nutrient-rich waters of these underwater forests, aquatic life flourishes, becoming a nursery ground for hundreds of species of fishes including the giant catfish and the Arapaima from the Amazon – The world's largest freshwater fish that is known to grow up to 10 feet long!

The Coast
As the river meets the sea, mangrove swamps begin to thrive and provide a thriving breeding ground for many fishes including the archer fish that spits at their prey. The shallow waters are home to a variety of marine life, providing a close encounter with our friendly Spotted Rays, Bamboo Sharks, Giant Horseshoe Crabs and Porcupine Fishes that dart across the surface.

The vastness of the open sea and the entrancing rhythm of life is recreated in our Oceanarium. This journey is experienced through a 90 meter transparent underwater tunnel and a moving walkalator to take you on your adventure beneath the depths.

Be mesmerized as you come face-to-face with our ferocious Sand Tiger Sharks, or pass unheeded as Giant Stingrays navigate through the corals, only to reveal the gentle dance of Green Turtles gliding through the depths. Take your time to soak in the atmosphere, as the waters envelop you with a sense of tranquility, as you become on with the ocean.

Be sure to watch carefully for the moments when the peace and quiet is occasionally shattered by the shoals of fishes swimming away from their deadly predators.

For those of you who have abit more time, you are definitely in for a real treat! A spectacular live show of our divers feeding these marine creatures is performed twice a day at our Aquatheatre for your viewing pleasure.

Weird and Wonderful
With oceans covering almost 70 per cent of the Earth's surface, it is left largely unexplored and uncharted deep beneath the waves. Here it is a place where thousands of bizarre and unusual life-forms call home .

Try to spot the venomous stonefish with its blotchy and textured skin. Their skin forms a near-perfect camouflage resembling an algae-covered stone against a cluster of rock. For some fish, it is the last thing that they see before they are consumed by our chameleonic predator.

Walk into the darkness and bear witness to the fascinating body patterns of the pinecone fishes as you wade deeper into the shadows.

Discovery Zone
Corals are made up of marine animals called polyps which are related to jellyfish and anemones. Millions of these polyps extract calcium and carbonate from seawater to build inner skeletons that form the framework of a coral reef. Take a seat and relax on a simulated boat deck of the Explorer II and discover the difference between hard and soft corals, and the alarming rate of coral bleaching caused by ocean acidification.

Further ahead, say hello to our Sea Jellies, a mysterious marine creature that are transluscent with no skeletal structure and even fewer internal organs. Watch intently to see the marvellous effects of coloured lights against the Phantom Jellies in our circular-shaped aquariums.