Deer Park

KL Deer Park (30min)
**There is no toilet at this deer park.
-  It is a small deer park but with about 20 deers or more. Children are taken to walk to the deer park from the bus stop area. It will be about 5 mins to walk to where the deer is. However, if the first gate is close, we will need to walk for a longer distance , 15- 20mins walk (depends on their speed, if younger children – will take longer time) to the 2nd gate. The road to the 2nd gate is on a tar road but there will be a part the kids need to step down on the staircase where it is going down the hill to enter. The deer park will have some staircase and need to be careful while walking .
- Once arrive, children will be given bread to feed the deer from the fence area.
- After feeding, will need to use the same road to walk back to the bus.

Kuala Gandah Deer Park (45mins)
- Children are allow to feed the deer with the food given by the deer park. (Better to bring some bread along in case)
- There are ostrich, peacock, snake, lizard, birds in the park as well. Sometimes, children are allow to touch the snake with their hand (depends on the animal situation if their condition are ok, healthy or in a good mood).
- If condition permit, children are allow to touch the sun bear one by one as well.
Thank you and have a nice day!