Eco Adventure

Eco Adventure Program consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Little Adventure Program
Part 2: Visit to the 4 season house (one season for every 3 months - winter is from December - February) + Mini animal park or viewing tower.

**Do take note that this program , children need to go through 16 elements.
**Each of them will be given a safety harness to wear on it so that even if they accidentally fall down, there is a safety link with them to hold on.

- When arrive, children will be gathered to wear the safety harness set on their body.
- After this, group will be given briefing on how to go about this program. Important: ALL CHILDREN MUST listen properly and understand the process before they are allow to start the program.
- When the program start, child will be release one by one to climb up to the first element and follow by 2nd element and so on.If any of the child went up to any of the element, they must complete the2-3 elements together before they can come down.
- There will be instructor to give guidance to the child during the program. Teachers are require to look after the children too.
- Once a child finish the whole course, they will either wait at the park area to see other friends play or they can play again if there are empty space to go up again.

Minimum height requirement: 1.1 m
WARNING: Kids below 8 Years Old MUST be accompanied by an Adult climbing: 1 Adult for max 2 Kids below 8 Years Old
Maximum weight: 100 kg

List of the activities:
Plank Bridge
Flying Fox
Ladder 2
Mice Tunnel
Three Line bridge
Fisherman Bridge
Plank Bridge
Butterfly Wave
Ant Bridge
Flying Fox 2
Flying Swing
Chicken Fly
Elephant Bridge
Rabbit Flip-Flop
Crab Path
Hug Pipe
Dragon Bones
Rhino Suit