Organic Farm

GO Green! GO Natural! Go Organic!

Want to let the kids understand more about the environment?
Want to let the kids get down to earth and experience something different?
Organic farm is a way to go. 

Organic farm visits generally involves a few key elements, including a briefing session, farm tour, some hands-on activity (depending of the package selected - may include harvesting / planting activities), as well as an organic lunch. You might even be able to bring home some farm produce.

- Arrive – toilet -briefing.
- Walk around the farm to see various vegetables or fruits
- Vegetables plugging and bring home as souvenir
- Learn about compose making process (what to use to make compose, why is it important)
- Lunch ( 3 dishes + white rice = vegetarian meal)
**Smaller area, more area with shade

The farm is located in a Kampung area. When arrive, coming down from the bus, need to walk about 5 minutes to go into the farm. The road is safe, do not have cars there often but still need to be careful. When arrive, children will go toilet. There is only 3 toilets there…so..will takes time to go.
- Arrival around 9.30am 抵达
- Briefing + welcome fruit  and drink 简介 + 欢迎水果
- Guided Farm Tour (Barefooted)  赤脚绕有机园地
- Planting Activity  种植活动
- Harvesting  activity 采收活动
- Fruit juice/Enzyme drink 新鲜有机甘蔗水/有机酵素饮料
- Enzyme making demo & Tasting  酵素制作示范和示吃 (only for adult group)
- Talk on Organic and environment  有机与环保对话
- Full Organic Vegetable Luncheon  有机蔬食午餐 (simple or buffet)
- End of Programme around 1.30pm  有机”会再见

** Activity : Potato digging and bring home 1/2kg organic potato as souvenir
** Concern: Less shady area, children will go under hot sun for longer period of time.The farm request everyone to walk in the farm with barefoot.